genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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Hardin County, Tennessee


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 35.1986808333333, Longitude: -88.1844786111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, Patsy  Abt 1823Hardin County, Tennessee I2904 Barber 
2 Craft, Charlotte Temple  Apr 1823Hardin County, Tennessee I53 Barber 
3 McEan, Margaret J.  Abt 1840Hardin County, Tennessee I2995 Barber 
4 Pickens, Andrew  30 Jan 1826Hardin County, Tennessee I2812 Barber 
5 Pickens, Anna Jane  Between 30 Oct 1827 and 1829Hardin County, Tennessee I2814 Barber 
6 Pickens, David Crockett  26 Jun 1833Hardin County, Tennessee I2899 Barber 
7 Pickens, George W.  6 Aug 1837Hardin County, Tennessee I2901 Barber 
8 Pickens, John Middleton  8 Mar 1822Hardin County, Tennessee I2903 Barber 
9 Pickens, Mary  12 Dec 1831Hardin County, Tennessee I2815 Barber 
10 Pickens, Susannah  27 May 1835Hardin County, Tennessee I2900 Barber 
11 Wilson, Effie Bea  10 Jun 1894Hardin County, Tennessee I2800 Barber 
12 Wilson, Hezekiah  21 Nov 1835Hardin County, Tennessee I2994 Barber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, Mary W.  9 Oct 1848Hardin County, Tennessee I2909 Barber 
2 Blanton, Melissa  Aft 1880Hardin County, Tennessee I2997 Barber 
3 Claunch, Nancy W.  Aft 1880Hardin County, Tennessee I2957 Barber 
4 McDaniel, Barbara C.  13 Jan 1865Hardin County, Tennessee I2911 Barber 
5 Middleton, Ann  Aft 1850Hardin County, Tennessee I977 Barber 
6 Pickens, Andrew  13 May 1841Hardin County, Tennessee I2812 Barber 
7 Pickens, David Crockett  15 Mar 1912Hardin County, Tennessee I2899 Barber 
8 Pickens, Elizabeth Hamilton  30 Dec 1881Hardin County, Tennessee I682 Barber 
9 Pickens, Hezekiah Middleton  3 Jan 1869Hardin County, Tennessee I973 Barber 
10 Pickens, John Middleton  23 Apr 1887Hardin County, Tennessee I2903 Barber 
11 Pickens, Mary  Hardin County, Tennessee I2815 Barber 
12 Pickens, Richard C.  Aft 1880Hardin County, Tennessee I2902 Barber 
13 Wells, Rebecca  16 Oct 1874Hardin County, Tennessee I975 Barber 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Higgins / Carr  17 Feb 1825Hardin County, Tennessee F1031 Barber 
2 Higgins / Wilson  7 Jul 1906Hardin County, Tennessee F1028 Barber 
3 Pickens / McEan  22 Oct 1857Hardin County, Tennessee F1047 Barber 
4 Pickens / Robertson  29 Oct 1848Hardin County, Tennessee F1041 Barber 
5 Pickens / Sowell  28 Jul 1853Hardin County, Tennessee F1045 Barber 
6 Surratt / Wilson  28 Jun 1902Hardin County, Tennessee F1027 Barber 
7 Wilson / Pickens  18 Dec 1866Hardin County, Tennessee F1046 Barber