genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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Gonzales County, Texas


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 29.4998491666667, Longitude: -97.4520875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barber, Reuben  11 Sep 1852Gonzales County, Texas I743 Barber 
2 Brothers, Alma Brevard  11 Jul 1912Gonzales County, Texas I3500 Barber 
3 Brothers, Robert Lee  19 Aug 1868Gonzales County, Texas I3267 Barber 
4 Brothers, Robert Lee  29 Dec 1908Gonzales County, Texas I3268 Barber 
5 Cox, Allie  30 Oct 1874Gonzales County, Texas I3067 Barber 
6 Denman, William Bryan  10 Dec 1915Gonzales County, Texas I3173 Barber 
7 Dilworth, Alma  9 Oct 1898Gonzales County, Texas I3503 Barber 
8 Dilworth, Coke Emory  1874Gonzales County, Texas I3147 Barber 
9 Dilworth, Coke Emory  17 Apr 1897Gonzales County, Texas I3502 Barber 
10 Dilworth, James Colwell  23 Jul 1865Gonzales County, Texas I3106 Barber 
11 Dilworth, Leonora  4 Aug 1908Gonzales County, Texas I3505 Barber 
12 Dilworth, Marcus Aurelius  7 Feb 1860Gonzales County, Texas I3142 Barber 
13 Fitzgerald, Sam Max  Abt Sep 1879Gonzales County, Texas I3229 Barber 
14 Hamon, John William  8 Mar 1889Gonzales County, Texas I3247 Barber 
15 Jones, Bookman H  24 Mar 1864Gonzales County, Texas I3225 Barber 
16 Kendall, Dove Anna  17 May 1872Gonzales County, Texas I3223 Barber 
17 Kokernot, Alma  16 Jan 1879Gonzales County, Texas I3129 Barber 
18 Kokernot, David Lee  21 Mar 1915Gonzales County, Texas I3138 Barber 
19 Kokernot, Frances Genevieve  16 May 1869Gonzales County, Texas I3105 Barber 
20 Kokernot, Fred David  25 Aug 1917Gonzales County, Texas I3174 Barber 
21 Kokernot, Frederick David  12 Jan 1882Gonzales County, Texas I3130 Barber 
22 Kokernot, Josephine  14 Apr 1871Gonzales County, Texas I3109 Barber 
23 Kokernot, Josephine  12 Aug 1911Gonzales County, Texas I3137 Barber 
24 Kokernot, Levi Moses  19 Feb 1897Gonzales County, Texas I3126 Barber 
25 Kokernot, Lola  24 Apr 1878Gonzales County, Texas I3117 Barber 
26 Kokernot, Margaret  25 Aug 1892Gonzales County, Texas I3114 Barber 
27 Kokernot, Mary Hulda  2 Apr 1914Gonzales County, Texas I3507 Barber 
28 Kokernot, Rufus  Abt 16 Jan 1873Gonzales County, Texas I3111 Barber 
29 Kokernot, Walter Hutson  8 Aug 1874Gonzales County, Texas I3112 Barber 
30 Kokernot, Walter Hutson Jr  24 Mar 1905Gonzales County, Texas I3136 Barber 
31 Lang, Elizabeth Alcerta  22 May 1857Gonzales County, Texas I3056 Barber 
32 Lang, James G. W. L.  16 Jun 1855Gonzales County, Texas I3807 Barber 
33 Lang, Mary Rebecca Augusta  28 Jan 1854Gonzales County, Texas I3057 Barber 
34 Lang, William Arthur  20 Nov 1868Gonzales County, Texas I3043 Barber 
35 Littlefield, Rufus Hutson  4 Dec 1877Gonzales County, Texas I3233 Barber 
36 Maley, John E.  1 Apr 1848Gonzales County, Texas I799 Barber 
37 Maley, William Benjamin  1 Dec 1846Gonzales County, Texas I797 Barber 
38 Meyer, Fanny Jane  Abt 1860Gonzales County, Texas I2034 Barber 
39 Meyer, Fredrick Daniel  Abt 1865Gonzales County, Texas I2036 Barber 
40 Meyer, Steven Darden  25 Jul 1859Gonzales County, Texas I2033 Barber 
41 Meyer, William Irvan  5 Jul 1862Gonzales County, Texas I2035 Barber 
42 Peck, Benjamin Nicholas  25 Jul 1856Gonzales County, Texas I3110 Barber 
43 Peck, Josephine Elizabeth  17 Dec 1897Gonzales County, Texas I3635 Barber 
44 Peck, Sarah Hulda  7 May 1899Gonzales County, Texas I3660 Barber 
45 Spooner, Ruth  27 Mar 1893Gonzales County, Texas I3171 Barber 
46 Welch, George Robert  31 Dec 1887Gonzales County, Texas I308 Barber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrow, Julia  8 Aug 1869Gonzales County, Texas I1973 Barber 
2 Brothers, Robert Lee  13 May 1979Gonzales County, Texas I3268 Barber 
3 Dilworth, Coke Emory  28 Dec 1945Gonzales County, Texas I3502 Barber 
4 Dilworth, James Colwell  17 May 1877Gonzales County, Texas I3156 Barber 
5 Dilworth, James Colwell  23 Feb 1903Gonzales County, Texas I3106 Barber 
6 Dilworth, James Colwell  25 Apr 1951Gonzales County, Texas I3509 Barber 
7 Ditmar, Caroline Josephine  8 Dec 1898Gonzales County, Texas I474 Barber 
8 Fitzgerald, William Wiseman  1863Gonzales County, Texas I3780 Barber 
9 Kendall, Leon D.  15 Jul 1919Gonzales County, Texas I3090 Barber 
10 Kendall, William A  19 Mar 1870Gonzales County, Texas I3889 Barber 
11 Kokernot, Alma  12 Jul 1912Gonzales County, Texas I3129 Barber 
12 Kokernot, Clarissa  7 Nov 1864Gonzales County, Texas I2312 Barber 
13 Kokernot, David Levi  10 Dec 1892Gonzales County, Texas I463 Barber 
14 Kokernot, Frederick David  26 Feb 1976Gonzales County, Texas I3130 Barber 
15 Kokernot, Levi Moses  4 Jun 1914Gonzales County, Texas I2311 Barber 
16 Kokernot, Mary Melissa  6 Jul 1937Gonzales County, Texas I2316 Barber 
17 Kokernot, Rufus  16 Jun 1883Gonzales County, Texas I3111 Barber 
18 Lang, Lillie  25 Dec 1874Gonzales County, Texas I3055 Barber 
19 Lewis, Josephine  30 Sep 1928Gonzales County, Texas I2018 Barber 
20 Littlefield, Hutson Bishop  21 Jun 1888Gonzales County, Texas I3092 Barber 
21 Littlefield, Hutson Bishop  7 Feb 1938Gonzales County, Texas I3089 Barber 
22 McVea, Thomas Bell  10 Jun 1932Gonzales County, Texas I2021 Barber 
23 Peck, Benjamin Nicholas  9 Jan 1913Gonzales County, Texas I3110 Barber 
24 Peck, Josephine Elizabeth  9 Feb 1985Gonzales County, Texas I3635 Barber 
25 Spooner, Ruth  22 Sep 1980Gonzales County, Texas I3171 Barber 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Black / Peck  11 Dec 1918Gonzales County, Texas F1270 Barber 
2 Dilworth / Kokernot  25 Mar 1896Gonzales County, Texas F1102 Barber 
3 Dilworth / Orts  12 Aug 1924Gonzales County, Texas F1228 Barber 
4 Fitzgerald / Kokernot  18 Jan 1872Gonzales County, Texas F1074 Barber 
5 Fitzgerald / Littlefield  29 Nov 1871Gonzales County, Texas F1079 Barber 
6 Frechet / Littlefield  Abt 27 Nov 1901Gonzales County, Texas F1130 Barber 
7 Halderman / Lang  19 Dec 1872Gonzales County, Texas F1067 Barber 
8 Henkel / Dilworth  10 Jun 1931Gonzales County, Texas F1226 Barber 
9 Jones / Kendall  30 Jul 1888Gonzales County, Texas F1124 Barber 
10 Kendall / Kokernot  14 Nov 1875Gonzales County, Texas F1076 Barber 
11 Kokernot / Carnes  27 Jul 1876Gonzales County, Texas F816 Barber 
12 Kokernot / Elam  18 Apr 1877Gonzales County, Texas F1077 Barber 
13 Kokernot / Littlefield  4 Dec 1866Gonzales County, Texas F815 Barber 
14 Kokernot / Smith  24 Mar 1896Gonzales County, Texas F1090 Barber 
15 Kokernot / Spooner  19 Feb 1913Gonzales County, Texas F1110 Barber 
16 Kokernot / Vanham  28 Oct 1891Gonzales County, Texas F1087 Barber 
17 Lawley / Dilworth  1 Dec 1920Gonzales County, Texas F1225 Barber 
18 Littlefield / Hoch  Abt 1905Gonzales County, Texas F1126 Barber 
19 Littlefield / Kokernot  1 Dec 1875Gonzales County, Texas F1075 Barber 
20 Littlefield / Wilhoit  13 Sep 1855Gonzales County, Texas F1083 Barber 
21 McVea / Lewis  30 Nov 1872Gonzales County, Texas F676 Barber 
22 Meyer / Stephens  15 Mar 1854Gonzales County, Texas F674 Barber 
23 Peck / Kokernot  4 Feb 1896Gonzales County, Texas F1086 Barber 
24 Wheeler / Lang  17 Nov 1872Gonzales County, Texas F1261 Barber