genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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Texas, USA


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 31.4367294444444, Longitude: -99.3069227777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barber, Elmer  Abt 1904Texas, USA I438 Barber 
2 Barber, Emily Elizabeth  Apr 1872Texas, USA I256 Barber 
3 Barber, Guy Wilbur  Abt 1901Texas, USA I436 Barber 
4 Barber, James A  Abt 1907Texas, USA I439 Barber 
5 Barber, Kenneth Orland  7 May 1922Texas, USA I580 Barber 
6 Barber, Myrtle Lee  Abt 1903Texas, USA I437 Barber 
7 Bostwick, Earl Gordon  29 May 1899Texas, USA I3794 Barber 
8 Bostwick, Eva  May 1893Texas, USA I3792 Barber 
9 Bostwick, Leon  Apr 1890Texas, USA I3791 Barber 
10 Carnes, Martha Jemima  16 Mar 1865Texas, USA I3239 Barber 
11 Carnes, Sarah Lee  19 Nov 1867Texas, USA I3240 Barber 
12 Carothers, Alva Zela  13 Feb 1902Texas, USA I1527 Barber 
13 Carothers, Inez Sybil  20 May 1908Texas, USA I1529 Barber 
14 Carothers, Mable Reed  28 Apr 1906Texas, USA I1528 Barber 
15 Carothers, Verdis Glendale  27 Jan 1912Texas, USA I1531 Barber 
16 Carter, Muriel Joy  10 Feb 1920Texas, USA I3815 Barber 
17 Carter, Randolph Lee  20 Feb 1930Texas, USA I3816 Barber 
18 Cora  Abt 1897Texas, USA I3800 Barber 
19 Cummings, Eagin V  Dec 1885Texas, USA I3463 Barber 
20 Cummings, Edward E  Sep 1879Texas, USA I3460 Barber 
21 Cummings, Elby L  Feb 1887Texas, USA I3464 Barber 
22 Cummings, Ellen A  Jan 1881Texas, USA I3461 Barber 
23 Cummings, George N  May 1894Texas, USA I3468 Barber 
24 Cummings, James E  Nov 1891Texas, USA I3467 Barber 
25 Cummings, Mandy A  Mar 1888Texas, USA I3465 Barber 
26 Cummings, Monty A  Feb 1896Texas, USA I3469 Barber 
27 Cummings, Muncy H  Jan 1890Texas, USA I3466 Barber 
28 Cummings, Nellie A  Feb 1883Texas, USA I3462 Barber 
29 Cummings, Stephen E  Oct 1877Texas, USA I3459 Barber 
30 Elam, Fannie Mcclung  Abt 1860Texas, USA I3091 Barber 
31 Fitzgerald, Adaleasa Martha  1845Texas, USA I3783 Barber 
32 Fitzgerald, Blanche  Abt 1873Texas, USA I3226 Barber 
33 Fitzgerald, David  5 May 1885Texas, USA I3767 Barber 
34 Fitzgerald, Edna  Abt 1877Texas, USA I3228 Barber 
35 Fitzgerald, M Josephine  May 1882Texas, USA I3766 Barber 
36 Fitzgerald, Madeline  Abt 1878Texas, USA I3266 Barber 
37 Fitzgerald, Maude  Abt 1876Texas, USA I3227 Barber 
38 Fitzgerald, Milam M  18 Jan 1844Texas, USA I3088 Barber 
39 Fitzgerald, Ophelia  Abt 1849Texas, USA I3777 Barber 
40 Frechet, Corinne  Abt 1904Texas, USA I3263 Barber 
41 Halderman, Blanche  Aug 1879Texas, USA I3063 Barber 
42 Halderman, Jesse  Abt 1850Texas, USA I3059 Barber 
43 Halderman, John T  Abt 1846Texas, USA I301 Barber 
44 Halderman, Joseph  Abt 1852Texas, USA I307 Barber 
45 Halderman, Thomas J.  Abt 1848Texas, USA I302 Barber 
46 Hall, Ernest G  Dec 1896Texas, USA I3446 Barber 
47 Hall, Lawrence F  Nov 1891Texas, USA I3444 Barber 
48 Hall, Thomas J  Jul 1894Texas, USA I3445 Barber 
49 Hall, Virtie L  Apr 1889Texas, USA I3443 Barber 
50 Hall, William L  Dec 1886Texas, USA I3442 Barber 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bales, Cordelia E  20 Jan 1906Texas, USA I3428 Barber 
2 Cummings, James Miller  1928Texas, USA I23 Barber 
3 Dunman, Susannah  Abt 1871Texas, USA I1985 Barber 
4 Williams, Clinton  30 Jul 1895Texas, USA I3414 Barber 
5 Williams, Levi  4 Oct 1861Texas, USA I3427 Barber 
6 Wofford, Daniel  Texas, USA I498 Barber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dilworth / Broyles  9 Aug 1869Texas, USA F825 Barber 
2 Halderman / Lang  Bef 1895Texas, USA F1072 Barber