genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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McNairy County, Tennessee


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 35.1867163888889, Longitude: -88.4859463888889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baucum, William R  1853McNairy County, Tennessee I349 Barber 
2 Carothers, Ada Leann  1 Apr 1864McNairy County, Tennessee I961 Barber 
3 Carothers, James Linden  Abt 1857McNairy County, Tennessee I959 Barber 
4 Carothers, James Robert  3 Feb 1860McNairy County, Tennessee I967 Barber 
5 Carothers, John A  Abt 1877McNairy County, Tennessee I990 Barber 
6 Carothers, John Riley  1862McNairy County, Tennessee I968 Barber 
7 Carothers, Joseph F.  Abt 1851McNairy County, Tennessee I2614 Barber 
8 Carothers, Jounnah Joanna Sis  Abt 1869McNairy County, Tennessee I964 Barber 
9 Carothers, Lacretia E  Abt 1872McNairy County, Tennessee I987 Barber 
10 Carothers, Rufus Alphonze  11 Sep 1854McNairy County, Tennessee I958 Barber 
11 Carothers, Rufus F.  6 Feb 1871McNairy County, Tennessee I1057 Barber 
12 Carothers, Vernon Bell  13 Apr 1882McNairy County, Tennessee I657 Barber 
13 Carothers, William Mccutcheon  3 Nov 1866McNairy County, Tennessee I1416 Barber 
14 Carothers, Willis Granville  18 Mar 1868McNairy County, Tennessee I970 Barber 
15 Evans, Susan Virginia  15 Nov 1863McNairy County, Tennessee I2783 Barber 
16 Littlefield, John Monroe  15 Dec 1859McNairy County, Tennessee I998 Barber 
17 Merrell, Elizabeth Ann  12 Apr 1822McNairy County, Tennessee I1685 Barber 
18 Merrell, George A  1835McNairy County, Tennessee I1719 Barber 
19 Merrell, Jane  1824McNairy County, Tennessee I1710 Barber 
20 Merrell, Louisa  1828McNairy County, Tennessee I1715 Barber 
21 Merrell, Malissa  1830McNairy County, Tennessee I1717 Barber 
22 Merrell, Mary  1826McNairy County, Tennessee I1713 Barber 
23 Morris, Margaret  Abt 1858McNairy County, Tennessee I995 Barber 
24 Pickens, Matthew  23 Nov 1827McNairy County, Tennessee I2813 Barber 
25 Pickens, William M.  5 Mar 1824McNairy County, Tennessee I2811 Barber 
26 Surratt, William Albert  1879McNairy County, Tennessee I2801 Barber 
27 Surratt, William H.  Abt 1806McNairy County, Tennessee I2808 Barber 
28 Willet, Susan Angeline  Abt 1830McNairy County, Tennessee I2973 Barber 
29 Wilson, Jerry M.  26 Jun 1861McNairy County, Tennessee I2797 Barber 
30 Wilson, Mary Ann  Between 1810 and 1815McNairy County, Tennessee I2806 Barber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Winslow Sidney  1902McNairy County, Tennessee I1716 Barber 
2 Carothers, James Linden  1927McNairy County, Tennessee I959 Barber 
3 Carothers, James Robert  2 Oct 1911McNairy County, Tennessee I967 Barber 
4 Carothers, Rufus Alphonze  13 Sep 1917McNairy County, Tennessee I958 Barber 
5 Carothers, Thomas Henry  10 Apr 1903McNairy County, Tennessee I953 Barber 
6 Carothers, William Neely "Dick"  6 Jul 1876McNairy County, Tennessee I951 Barber 
7 Carothers, Willis Granville  19 Feb 1946McNairy County, Tennessee I970 Barber 
8 Carothers, Willis Hardamon  22 Jun 1903McNairy County, Tennessee I1225 Barber 
9 Caruthers, Thomas  Aft 1850McNairy County, Tennessee I949 Barber 
10 Caruthers, William Stewart  Abt 1858McNairy County, Tennessee I947 Barber 
11 Caruthers, William Thomas  4 Jan 1945McNairy County, Tennessee I966 Barber 
12 Johnson, Mary Ann "Mollie"  15 May 1948McNairy County, Tennessee I971 Barber 
13 Merrell, Jessee  29 Sep 1866McNairy County, Tennessee I8 Barber 
14 Merrill, Elmah B.  Sep 1896McNairy County, Tennessee I1229 Barber 
15 Moore, Mary Catherine  10 Feb 1940McNairy County, Tennessee I994 Barber 
16 Morris, Margaret  14 Mar 1934McNairy County, Tennessee I995 Barber 
17 Pugh, Martha  31 Mar 1881McNairy County, Tennessee I9 Barber 
18 Surratt, William Albert  1946McNairy County, Tennessee I2801 Barber 
19 Wilson, Beulah  1962McNairy County, Tennessee I2798 Barber 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baucum / Pickens  20 Nov 1870McNairy County, Tennessee F1386 Barber 
2 Carothers / Devault  11 Sep 1861McNairy County, Tennessee F233 Barber 
3 Carothers / Higgins  14 Feb 1875McNairy County, Tennessee F186 Barber 
4 Carothers / Morris  4 Oct 1874McNairy County, Tennessee F189 Barber 
5 Carothers / Morton  24 Mar 1870McNairy County, Tennessee F223 Barber 
6 Carothers / Pickens  31 Jul 1881McNairy County, Tennessee F88 Barber 
7 Caruthers / Johnson  5 Dec 1878McNairy County, Tennessee F181 Barber 
8 Evans / Pickens  9 Oct 1862McNairy County, Tennessee F96 Barber 
9 Hill / Merrell  18 Feb 1844McNairy County, Tennessee F586 Barber 
10 Littlefield / Carothers  23 May 1883McNairy County, Tennessee F190 Barber 
11 Surratt / Baucum  25 Dec 1898McNairy County, Tennessee F1389 Barber 
12 Wilson / Evans  5 Aug 1883McNairy County, Tennessee F1026 Barber