genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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101 Burial data from Curbello, Josephine Teresa (I1783)
102 burial data from Ives, Ray Chauncey (I2047)
103 burial data from Scism, Virginia Amanda (I2130)
104 burial from Corpus Christi DAR index in "cemeteries" file

Changed burial info to Prairie View Cemetery, Aransas Pass, based on 
Barber, Martha Jane (I248)
105 Burial from Steadham, Frank Peavy (I1739)
106 Burial from Ives, John Chauncy (I2041)
107 Burial from Kokernot, Frances Genevieve (I3105)
108 Burial from Dilworth, James Colwell (I3106)
109 Burial from Dilworth, Mattie Lee (I3107)
110 Burial from Gardien, Kent Edmond (I3108)
111 Burial from Kokernot, Walter Hutson (I3112)
112 Burial from Smith, Susan Virginia (I3123)
113 Burial from Kokernot, Leonora (I3128)
114 Burial from Kokernot, Frederick David (I3130)
115 Burial from Kokernot, Robert Lusk (I3134)
116 Burial from Kokernot, Josephine (I3137)
117 Burial from Dilworth, Coke Emory (I3147)
118 Burial from Gardien, William Langford (I3160)
119 Burial from Kent, Maud Frances (I3161)
120 Burial from Spooner, Ruth (I3171)
121 Burial from Dilworth, Coke Emory (I3502)
122 Burial from Dilworth, James Colwell (I3509)
123 Burial from Orts, Hercel Lucile (I3510)
124 Burial from (gives dod 21 Jun 2006) Gardien, Kent Edmond Jr (I3157)
125 Burial from, which gives dob as "1872" and dod as "1882" Kokernot, Rufus (I3111)
126 Burial from, which gives dob as 22 Sep 1911. McNeel, Pleasant Jackson Jr (I3380)
127 Burial from, which gives dob as 4 Feb 1880. Kendall, William (I3224)
128 Burial from Yuhas, Elizabeth (I196)
129 Burial from Silacsy, Rosella (I201)
130 Burial from Kokernot, John W. Jr. (I337)
131 Burial from Maley, Charles Henry (I805)
132 Burial from Barber, Infant (I1756)
133 Burial from Pickens, William M. (I2811)
134 Burial from Pickens, Susannah (I2900)
135 Burial from Robertson, Mary Janetta (I2963)
136 Burial from Sowell, Margaret Jane (I2985)
137 Burial from Wilson, Hezekiah (I2994)
138 Burial from Kokernot, Herbert Lee (I3104)
139 Burial from Kokernot, Josephine (I3109)
140 Burial from Peck, Benjamin Nicholas (I3110)
141 Burial from Kokernot, Lee Glenn (I3119)
142 Burial from Harper, Mary (I3121)
143 Burial from Dilworth, George Norwood (I3140)
144 Burial from Huff, Martha Ellen (I3141)
145 Burial from Brothers, Robert Lee (I3268)
146 Burial from Williams, Henderson May (I3424)
147 Burial from Williams, Rollins B. (I3426)
148 Burial from Brothers, Alma Brevard (I3500)
149 Burial from Wester, Evelyn Inez (I3501)
150 Burial from Pierce, Marlene L. (I3682)

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