genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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201 Death date from obituary in "The Texas Spur", Dickens County, Texas,
15 Feb 1962 
Barber, George Levi (I298)
202 death info from obit Traweek, Edna (I467)
203 death place from obit Barber, Addison L. (I354)
204 Death Record in California gives dob 21 Feb 1907 Barber, Lucille Virginia (I343)
205 Deep Roots p 216 Williams (I618)
206 Deep Roots p 220 Williams, Elsie Taber (I621)
207 Deep Roots p 235
Burial from 
Williams, Clara Lulu "Lou" (I39)
208 Deep Roots p 250 Bruchmiller, Boyd (I605)
209 Deep Roots p 313

Burial from 
Barber, Oliver Mosley (I1730)
210 Deep Roots p 313 Shaw, Selena Elizabeth (I1728)
211 Deep Roots p 315

Burial, pob, pod, dod from 
Fisher, Irene Lillie (I1736)
212 Deep Roots p 316

Burial data from 
Barber, Charles Lieuen (I1727)
213 Deep Roots p 316

Burial data from 
Shaw, Theresa Ann (I1729)
214 Deep Roots p 316 Porter, Lizzie (I1737)
215 Deep Roots p 319
J E Hatcher Cherokee application
Bee County History p 226

Marriage date from Kathy Greer FGR in Hatcher file

Burial from Husbands surname spelling changed from Millsted to Milstead based on the spelling on Nancy's stone. Husband's stone does not show surname, only initials. 
Hatcher, Nancy Caroline "Lina" (I781)
216 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I78)
217 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I79)
218 Deep Roots p. 185

Agnes gives dob as 22 Feb

Lois give dod as 1928; also burial place "Elks Lodge Plot"

burial from; "Section J" 
Barber, John Henderson (I255)
219 Deep Roots p.187 gives DOB 8 May 1881

1900 Census gives DOB May 1880
Glenwood Cem book p76, Vol I 
Barber, Augusta Adeline "Gussie" (I258)
220 Deep Roots p146
Burial from 
Barber, Samuel (I1753)
221 Deep Roots p146 Barber, Benjamin Franklin (I1754)
222 Deep Roots p148 Barber, Emily Jane (I1757)
223 Deep Roots p148 Barber, Rufus Albert (I1759)
224 Deep Roots p154
Barber Family Reunion member 
Barber, Walter Gordon (I1765)
225 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1767)
226 Deep Roots p155
Mary Fulton knows her 
Barrow, Avis Marilynn (I1771)
227 Deep Roots p155 Barber, Mary Elizabeth (I1761)
228 Deep Roots p155 Barber, Anna Eliza (I1763)
229 Deep Roots p186

p40 Glenwood Vol I 
Jackson, Amanda V. "Mandy" (I263)
230 Deep Roots p187; pictures p188 Traweek, Edwin Banks "Edd" (I264)
231 Deep Roots p189
Glenwood Cem Vol I p 14; shows dob but not dod; is he buried here? (yes,
personal visit in August, 1994)

marriage and death info from Marjorie Nelson; married Bee or Goliad County 
Hancock, Nathaniel Brainard (I266)
232 Deep Roots p202 Williams, Eliza Morning (I798)
233 Deep Roots p206 Maley, William Benjamin (I797)
234 Deep Roots p216

Burial, pob, pod, dom from 
Williams, Cora (I616)
235 Deep Roots p216 Williams, Nettie (I619)
236 Deep Roots p218
Burial from 
Williams, James Walter (I620)
237 Deep Roots p220

dod, burial obit in General Correspondence file 
Hatcher, Clara Vaughan (I116)
238 Deep Roots p220
Burial from, which gives dob 9 Jun 1856 and dod Apr 1899. 
Newman, Julia Hazelton (I110)
239 Deep Roots p220
Burial from 
Williams, John Wesley (I109)
240 Deep Roots p220
Burial, dob, dod from 
Williams, Effie Mae (I111)
241 Deep Roots p220 Williams, Eileen (I112)
242 Deep Roots p220 Williams, Mary Ellen (I115)
243 Deep Roots p233
lived with Kay Pacheco's family while in high school 
Hatcher, Archie Ray (I122)
244 Deep Roots p237 Williams, Harriett (I124)
245 Deep Roots p239 Williams, Virginia Edna "Vergie" (I126)
246 Deep Roots p239 Williams, Frank Henderson (I127)
247 Deep Roots p248
Burial from 
Williams, Thomas Benjamin (I584)
248 Deep Roots p248
Burial, dod, pod from 
Newberry, Leila Docia (I601)
249 Deep Roots p248 Williams, Albert Wesley (I583)
250 Deep Roots p248 Newberry, William Dee (I599)

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